Fun Stuff
10 May 2017

Card games are always fun, no matter how old you are! So we've put together a fun little game you can make and play at home.. Memory!
You can play by yourself or with a friend or two!
Its simple to play but first you need to download the pdf. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Once you have the pdf, print 2 copies (double sided) - Cards on 1 side, Happy House pattern on the other. The thicker the paper the better.
Then cut out each card and you're ready to play!

1. Shuffle the cards and lay them out in rows face down.
2. Turn over two cards. If they dont match, remember which card was there.
3. Flip the cards back face down.
4. Its the next person's turn to flip over two cards.
5. If they match, take the two cards, and have another turn.

The player with the most matches wins!!
Its that simple! Then re-shuffle the cards and start all over again.

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