20 September 2012

There are so many clever people in the world and they often inspire me for my own ideas for design and business. Pictured here is my bestie Anna Dimond who is sitting in her studio. What I love most about Anna is that she has managed to bring all her talents together to create an amazing business. She is the rare sort that has the left and right side of her brain working together, she balances design and production with smart savvy business sense, she truely has it all! OK so she is talented and clever and a beautiful friend but why I am featuring her here? Reason - because I want to show case how following your heart can lead you to great success, turning raw talent into a great business. I love how her own creativity is adorning others and inspiring many with her true passion through her jewellery pieces, its not just about pretty adornments after all jewellery is not her true love but rather the expression of  meaningful sentiments that spread positivity, light and love, meaning and beauty to each individual wearer. She is passionate about personal strength, positivity and self belief and her own sense of spirituality! Super clever making a career out of what you love! Follow your dreams people!


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